Walkthrough Contracts with Top A&E Attorney


Wednesday, April 3rd & 10th

10:00 - 11:30 AM (PST)


20% off if you register by March 23rd!


4.9/5 (from 100+ Design Professionals)

Our workshops have helped hundreds of Architects & Engineers sign better contracts that reduce risk.


Jean Sovinski

Managing Partner | Studio 343

I learned the value of mitigating risk and I gained a better understanding of the definition of risk management vs. insurance. I also learned the importance of how we document what we see in the field, and to view what we see through a more critical lens so that we better document conditions and contractual events.


Jefferson Schierbeek

Partner | Addison Schierbeek Architects

Zach is personable, clear and very helpful (with a dash of humor) in the daunting challenge of explaining risk as it applies to the architectural profession. He gives concrete and useful methodologies and tactics to mitigate and protect our practices from the ever increasing complexities of the legal world in which we live.


Binita Vora

Founder | Parshva Associates

This helped me answer a lot of questions and concerns as a startup small business firm. Zach helped me understand the key requirements and pitfalls to be aware of while drafting a contract along with the pros and cons of certain language or words used in contracts and how these can benefit or harm an architect. 

Review and Negotiate Your Contracts like a Pro 

We know you didn't go to law school, and we know you don't get near enough (if any) training on contracts.

But the reality is, signing bad contracts sets you up for disputes, insurance claims, or even lawsuits that could put you out of business.

The good news is we have solutions. There are simple systems we can teach you that will make all the difference in your risk strategy.

What you'll learn during this workshop...

How a top A&E Attorney uses his simple 3-2-1 System to review contracts

What clauses and language should be avoided in contracts
How to customize your own AIA or EJCDC template
Best practices for negotiating your contract so everybody wins